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It’s cold, the weather is unpleasant and it gets dark early – no wonder it’s so challenging to keep on track with regular movement and exercise at this time of year!

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your current exercise routine…perhaps it needs to be adjusted to fit more with the season. Winter is a time of slowing down, turning inward and gravitating towards warm, hearty foods, nights by the fire and perhaps more sleep-ins. All this is absolutely okay. Encouraged even! This exact shift means that our exercise must also shift – I know my routine definitely changes from summer to winter.

In winter I am less inclined to do my higher intensity workouts in the early morning – it’s often just too cold and I never get as much out of the workout as I would doing it in the afternoon when both the day, and I, am warmer.

Instead, I keep early morning movement to walking (or perhaps a gentle/short jog), stretching/yoga and recovery sessions (hello foam roller, trigger point ball, deep stretching and mobility exercises). I do however keep up with regular strength and running as best as I can (I’m only human and still do falter some weeks!). Why do I do this? Because movement is SO important not just for our general health, but for our physical and mental wellbeing throughout the cooler months.

Regular exercise promotes circulation to keep you feeling warm, maintains muscle mass to support healthy metabolism and hormones. It also bolsters our immune system which can often take a hit through winter. Finally…. winter can be more of a struggle emotionally for many. Exercise is such a simple and highly effective way to support your mental wellbeing in the cooler months, and beyond!

If you’re feeling a little deflated, unmotivated or just totally stumped as to how to structure a beautiful movement plan that is just right for YOU, let us help! Often we overthink it and try to bite off way more than we can chew. A 1:1 session (health rebates available) with one of our expert exercise physiologists is a fabulous way to refresh your motivation and move forward with a clear plan. No more winter slumps!

If you’re keen to know more, contact us via phone or email or book a 1:1 session via our website! We’d love to see you in the studio and help you with a personalised, effective (….and FUN!) program to help you beat those winter blues!

See you in the Studio!

Erin, Accredited Exercise Physiologist