A pre-class assessment is required before taking part in the Strength Bones Balance – Osteoporosis classes (ONERO). These are specialised classes, both the assessment and classes are eligible for private health rebates.

Why do I need an Pre-class Screening/Assessment?

Pre-class screening is vital for your safety and to allow your practitioner to get to know you. During the assessment we will go through your medical history plus some simple functional testing. This means that when it comes time to taking part in classes you can feel at ease that your Exercise Physiologists know exactly where you are at and your progressions can be individualised.

Taking simple functional measures are a fantastic way for us to track your progress. It will give you feedback on improvements in strength, balance, posture, agility, mobility and more.

The information (de-identified) taken from your assessment is also used as part of Australia-wide research into bone density and exercise. You will help to further develop programs and management strategies for others with low bone density and Osteoporosis. How great is that?!

The functional measures are re-taken every 12-months (or more if you like!) in order to align with research compliance AND provide you with data on your progress.

Do I need a pre-class screening if I’ve seen you before?

Yes, you do. The Pre-class Screening is different to our usual initial assessments. The measures taken are very specific to the SBB-Osteo classes and as mentioned above will be used as part of Australia-wide research into Bone density and exercise.

I can’t make classes, what are my options?

If you are unable to attend classes we can develop a home based program for you to complete. Please be aware this will differ from the program we run in classes – due to the nature of the exercises it is unsafe to do these without supervision.

If you would like a home based program to help you manage your osteoporosis you will need to make a private 1:1 Exercise Physiology appointment – this will be an “Initial Assessment” appointment (60 mins).

What else should I know?

  • Pre-class Assessments are 45 minutes long ($75) . Private health rebates apply should your fund cover EP services.
  • You may be eligible for a portion of your visit to be covered by Medicare through a EPC/CDM care plan. You should speak to your GP to learn if you qualify for this.
  • Please bring any bone density scans/reports to your assessment.
  • Please bring any relevant medical information or reports.
  • No need to wear anything special – just something you can easily move and feel comfortable in.

How do I make a my appointments?

Please feel free to call us ( 08 7123 2488 ) and our team will help you out. Alternatively you can make you pre-class screening appointment (for ongoing classes) or Initial Assessment (for home based) online via the button below: