S T R O N G …. Strength & conditioning weights class for beginners to intermediate. Functional, safe, fun and non-threatening environment. 

 There are 2 options for our STRONG classes…  Women Only Classes AND Mixed Classes (please see our latest timetable for details on class availability)

This class is great if…

  • You are looking for a supportive and fun environment to exercise, gain strength and general fitness
  • You have never been to group exercise classes before but are interested and motivated to try
  • You’ve recently had an injury that has required some rehabilitation and now you’re keen to get back into regular exercise
  • You’ve tried high-intensity workout classes and just ended up sore, aggravated an old injury, or you just felt you didn’t fit in
  • You want expert guidance and someone who truly listens and understand where you’re at
  • You need a expertly supervised class due to health or physical concerns

What are the main goals of this class?

  • To build strength for everyday function – so you can kick life’s butt!
  • Show you the variety of exercises you can do at home as well as at the gym, with and without equipment
  • Build core strength, improve your posture and look amazing
  • Get your glutes working, your arms strong and your fitness soaring

The ‘nitty-gritty’…

  • Classes are 45 minutes long & run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • A Pre-class Screening Assessment is recommended prior to attending classes (this also enables you to claim your classes on private health) and to ensure optimum outcomes of your classes.
  • Eligible for Private Health rebates (speak with our Exercise Physiologists to learn how)
  • Bookings are essential we have a max of 8 per class