MONDAY 11am | MONDAY 5.30pm | THURSDAY 6.15pm

This class is specifically tailored to the pregnant woman. It looks at poses to open the pelvis to prepare for birth, strengthen legs to increase stamina for birth & for carrying around another person, poses to open the chest & shoulders to counter rounding in the upper back & poses to strengthen posture to help reduce back pain & muscle separation. However its not just about poses, this class addresses the pelvic floor, what it is & why it’s important to tone it, breathing techniques are learnt for birth & beyond, optimal foetal positioning is a big focus & issues are discussed such fear, letting go of control & flight & fight response & its relevance to pregnancy & birth & many other gems! It is safe to attend from 12 weeks & over

You also have access to our beautiful Restorative Yoga Sessions (Monday 7.15pm and Saturdays 4.30pm – dates vary). These classes are very gentle and easily modified for women at any stage of their pregnancy.

What are the Benefits?
  • develops strength & stamina
  • helps with balance
  • relieves tension in lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck & shoulders
  • calms nervous system
  • preparation for labour
  • connection with baby
  • learn breath work techniques for birth & beyond
  • encourages a sense of community with other pregnant women
  • gives time to relax
It is still safe to do yoga if you have any of the following during pregnancy:
  • low blood pressure
  • pelvic instability (sacroiliac joint instability or symphysis pubis dysfunction)
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • varicose veins
  • gestational diabetes
  • migraines
  • low lying placenta
  • muscle separation
  • fluid retention (swelling in ankles or wrists)
  • nausea
  • lower back pain
You will need the ok from your medical provider if you have the following:
  • placenta praevia
  • gestational hypertension
What about after Bub has come?

We offer Mums n Bubs Yoga for you to bring your little one along – Learn more HERE

We keep our classes intentionally small to allow a more individualised experience. Bookings are essential to ensure your place on the mat.

First Time?

Here are some tips + FAQs to ensure you are comfy + prepared before class. If you have any other queries or concerns, please feel free to give us a bell on 8239 0575

WHEN TO ARRIVE Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time to fill out an intake form, orientate yourself in the space, choose a mat + get settled. 

WHAT TO BRING All equipment is provided. Feel free to bring a water bottle, otherwise filtered water is available in reception.

WHAT TO WEAR Please wear comfy clothes that you can move in. The latest active-wear definitely not required; we hold a safe + welcoming space in which your can explore movement + feel comfortable + confident in your own skin!

PARKING The best place for parking is the free 3-Hour Carpark on Dunn St, approximately 50m down Melbourne St on the left-hand side if travelling towards the city. You can also find street parking (usually 1-3hr limit) on Melbourne St or adjacent streets: Sussex, Stanley or Jerningham.

INJURIES + MEDICAL CONCERNS Please note this is group fitness. Classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level students with no acute injuries or chronic conditions best managed under clinical supervision. Exercise modifications are given so that you can work at your level of challenge. If you have any concerns you may wish to speak with an Exercise Physiologist about your options.

LATE NOTICE POLICY To prevent last minute changes, we send you a booking reminder email 48hrs before and a reminder SMS 24hrs before your class. In the event that you cannot attend your confirmed class, please contact us as soon as possible: (p) 8239 0575 (Clarity).

Please note, as agreed at the time of booking; we have a strict 24-hour late notice policy + applicable fee for any amendments made within 24-hours of your class. Failure to arrive for a class you are booked in for – or cancellation on the day – will mean you will forego a class on your class pass, or be required to pay the $20 casual class fee (if you do not have a pass).

We offer small class sizes for a comfortable, personalised class experience + our classes are often fully booked in advance; if you fail to arrive or offer late notice of your cancellation, someone on waitlist misses a spot on the mat, + your teacher misses out on their income.