We have recently updated the way we offer classes to our pre & postnatal women. This allows you to have more options, greater flexibility and ultimately get your movement in when it suits you!

Our pre and postnatal clients are able to participate in any of our “STRONG” classes. We are experts at modifying for where you are at in your pregnancy or postpartum stage, and our small class sizes make this easily achievable.

We offer a “STRONG – Low Impact/Rehab” class which is great for later stages of pregnancy and early postpartum. Still offering our expertly tailored strength exercises at a slightly slower, more considered pace.

NOTE – babies are welcome to our Tuesday 11.30am class

Our classes are great if you…

  • You want to stay strong, fit and on-top-of aches and pains throughout your pregnancy and as a new mum.
  • You want to exercise in a safe and properly supervised environment, with experts who know women’s bodies
  • You are experiencing pelvic/hip/glute/low-back pain, tightness or any physical discomfort! Exercise will be one of the most powerful tools in your kit
  • Management of incontinence (now and future)
  • Manage (or minimise your risk of) prolapse – safely and appropriately
  • Control & reduce your risk of Gestational Diabetes
  • Lift your mood & mindset for positive mental health – exercise is wonderful for coping with ALL those hormones
  • Improve your stamina – for bodily changes through pregnancy, labour/birth and all that carrying and nursing!
  • You want to rehab in a suitable, well paced and appropriate way to ensure you can get back to your favourite activities without any set backs,

What are the main goals of coming to classes?

  • To provide safe, effective and fun exercise
  • To allow women who may be classified as ‘high risk’ to exercise safely and appropriately under expert guidance
  • Help manage many pregnancy related conditions or symptoms
  • Build strength and stamina for life as a mum – lots of lifting & holding!
  • Connect to your deep abdominals, pelvic floor & breath – you can feel confident in your postnatal rehab
  • Feel great, manage fatigue, aches and stiffness and feel strong and capable regardless of how pregnant you might be feeling, or how many long hours you’ve been rocking/nursing your baby
  • Feel energised – no matter how little sleep you’re currently getting
  • Support your mental and social health – connect with other mummas and ensure you never feel alone

The nitty-gritty

  • A pre-class screening is required prior to attending these classes. We get to know you and how you are going physically with your pregnancy and post birth recovery – this ensures a safe and well managed exercise prescription, tailored to YOU
  • PRENATAL – you can start ANYTIME during your pregnancy and continue until your babe arrives (including prior to 12 weeks… if you’re feel up for it)
  • POSTNATAL – you can start at around 6 – 8 weeks postpartum, we strongly encourage a Women’s Health Physio clearance prior and that bleeding has stopped
  • Class Passes available
  • Sessions may be eligable for Private Health rebates
  • Classes are 45 minutes long
  • Small class sizes so bookings are essential!

To book your pre-class screening appointment please get in touch or book online.

If you have a very specific goal for returning to running or sport after having your bubba – please speak with our team to learn how we can help ensure you achieve that goal!

Love the sound of classes BUT work, location or general life will make if hard for you to attend…? We would love to set up a home/gym based program that is tailored to YOU and your stage of pregnancy. No woman should missout on the immense benefits of getting and keeping strong, mobile and active through her pregnancy and postpartum recovery. You will be set up with a fully interactive & easy to use program designed just for you – book an Initital Consult to get started.

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