Prenatal STRONG – Strength & Conditioning for Mums-to-be …. Specifically designed for safe and effective exercise throughout your pregnancy.

This class is great if…

  • You’re pregnant and want to stay strong, fit and on-top-of aches and pains throughout your pregnancy.
  • You want to exercise in a safe and properly supervised environment
  • You want to manage back pain, neck & shoulder pain, pelvic-girdle pain and postural changes.
  • Management of incontinence (now and future)
  • Control & reduce your risk of Gestational Diabetes
  • Lift your mood & mindset for positive mental health (both during and post birth)
  • Improve stamina (and length/ease) of labour and birth, including recovery post birth

What are the main goals of this class?

  • To provide safe, effective and fun exercise specifically for the prenatal period
  • Help manage many pregnancy related conditions or symptoms
  • Build strength and stamina for life as a mum – lots of lifting & holding!
  • Understand how pregnancy effects your deep abdominal & pelvic floor
  • Feel great, manage fatigue, aches and stiffness and feel strong and capable regardless of how pregnant you might be feeling.
  • Set yourself up for a better recovery post birth – physically and mentally

The nitty-gritty

  • A pre-class screening is required prior to attending these classes. This is to allow your Exercise Physiologist to get to know you, your medical and injury history. Plus we chat about how your pregnancy is going, what your goals might be and to complete a physical assessment – including simple strength, range of movement and core activation assessments
  • Pre-class assessment allows your EP to easily adapt, progress, change and modify ANY aspect of the class at any time depending on how you’re feeling
  • Classes are run and fully supervised by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist who are trained in pre/post natal exercise prescription
  • Class Passes available
  • Sessions are claimable on Private Health
  • Classes are 45 minutes long
  • Small class sizes so bookings are essential!

To book your pre-class screening appointment please get in touch or book online. | 08 7123 2488