Meet the team who will help you on your movement journey


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement & Health Studies), Full member Exercise & Sports Science Australia

Consulting: currently not taking any new clients

Areas of interest & skill:

  •  Musculoskeletal injuries & dysfunction (both acute & chronic)
  •  Strength training and exercise prescription for beginners, Osteoporosis & pregnancy/postpartum
  •  Chronic health conditions – joint disorders, bone disorders, hypermobility (EDS)
  • Pregnancy (pre & postnatal) & all Women’s Health exercise prescription & rehabilitation

Erin is super passionate about movement, exercise and positive lifestyle habits – because we are in the drivers seat of our lives and therefore we are in control of creating positive, healthful change. With a special interest in Strength & Conditioning for beginners and safe weight training through pregnancy and postpartum, the focus is on effective, empowering AND fun movement.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of clinical Exercise Physiology (Hons) , APPI clinical mat & equipment Pilates. Full member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Consulting: Tuesday afternoons (limited capacity for new clients)

Areas of interest & skill:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries/dysfunction and rehab – Jess is great with ankles, shoulders, knees and low back pain
  • Type II diabetes education and exercise prescription
  • Women’s health (including all Pre and Postnatal) – exercise prescription for all stages of pregnancy, pregnancies that may require specialised exercise programming/supervision and all aspects of postnatal recovery (regardless of your type of delivery)
  • Womens Health (general) – exercise with Pelvic floor dysfunction/weakness, prolapse management, pelvic pain, PCOS & Endo
  • Chronic health conditions: Type II Diabetes, neurological (Multiple Sclerosis, stroke), Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis.
  • Cardiac exercise prescription, espeically prevention and post event such as bypass or stent procedure 

Jess grew up in country SA along the River Murray, so keeping active was in her nature froma young age. Jess is now super passionate about health and the power of tailored exercise. You can find Jess practicing what she preaches and loves running, strength training and Pilates based movement.

Jess is an advocate for the wholistic way that exercise can impove someones life, not simply physical but mental wellbeing too. She will work with you to ensure your are working towards the optimum plan for you, while guiding you through that process step by step. 


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Full Member Exercise Sports Science Australia

Consulting: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Areas of interest & skill

  • Management of low bone mineral density (Osteoporosis and Osteopenia)
  • Chronic Condition management (Pre-Diabetes, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Neurological Conditions) 
  • Chronic Pain management 
  • Exercise for Mental Health and Improvement of Quality of Life 
  • Chronic and Acute Musculoskeletal Injuries (Lower back, Hips, Knees, Shoulders) 
  • General specific exercise prescription (Sporting events, Lifestyle Prescription & Education)

Lori grew up surrounded by travel, the beach where she is a passionate surf life saver, and sport. Lori has previous experience in group fitness training, coaching and personal training. Being involved with running, netball and becoming a competitive bodybuilder, Lori understands the dedication and consistency it takes to reach long term goals and is passionate about assisting you to reach yours.

Lori strongly believes in the ‘not one size fits all’ approach to exercise and believes that building self-efficacy around exercise, adopting a holistic approach and creating enjoyment around exercise can improve not only physical/mental health but the way in which we live our life.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science, Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Full member Exercise & Sports Science Australia

Consulting: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Areas of interest & skill:

  • Muskuloskeletal injuries/dysfunction of the low-back, knees and hips – Brayden loves to help you rehab from knee and hip replacement surgery
  • Osteoporosis Management & falls prevention
  • All things elbows – particularily golfers and tennis elbow
  • Exercise prescription for the management of a tendinopathy injury
  • Chronic health management: Osteoporosis, Cancer, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Exercise for those with cognitive dysfunction or dementia
  • DVA clients – Brayden really enjoys working with DVA clients and facilitating functional & supportive sessions

Brayden is incredibly passionate about the real impact movement and exercise can have on someones life, he loves that he gets to facilitate this for people. Brayden not only wants to make sure you are enjoyjng your sessions (he knows how to keep things fun!), but that you feel confident and excited about your progress.

Brayden is a lover of sports and especially enjoys watching a game of footy. He loves to get to know you and is always up for a chat.

Our EP’s are available for 1:1 sessions, prescription of a home based program & associated monitoring, classes and pre-class assessments.

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