This class is an opportunity for mums to reconnect to their bodies & breath after birth, to regain flexibility & strength & to also connect with other mums in a friendly & supportive environment. The practice of yoga can also aid in birth recovery. Babies are invited to take part in the poses or to simply sleep & chill out next to Mum! Throughout the class mums are free to tend to their bubs by feeding, changing or comforting them in anyway.

What are the benefits?

Increase flexibility & strength
Release muscle stiffness & tension from nursing & sitting
Improve posture
Pelvic floor integrity
Strengthen abdominal muscles
Increase energy
Connect with other like-minded mums

Who is it for?

This class is suitable for all mums: Vaginal birth about 6-8 weeks post delivery. Caesarean 8-10 weeks post delivery. Suitable for bubs up to pre-crawl (roughly 12 months) Doctor’s clearance is not required, but if you feel concerned you are welcomed to get clearance for your peace of mind Mamma’s don’t need to have come to Prenatal Yoga classes at Clarity to join us for Mums + Bubs

Our classes cost $20 per  class or discounts are available using our class pass option for Yoga and Pilates Classes.