Exercise Physiology is not just for the injured, those with reduced physical capacity or the management of chronic health conditions – although those with these concerns can benefit hugely from working with an AEP (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) and we specialise in helping you with this.  

Everybody (and every body!) can use some maintenance. Think about it…. your body is your number ONE tool for life. Therefore it makes sense that it should get a bit of love, maintenance and sprucing up so that it (and YOU) can function optimally everyday.

Maybe you relate to one (or more) of the following? Expert guidance from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist could be perfect for you

  • Your job is physically demanding – your body is your tool and this can take it’s toll, it makes sense that a really great recovery/mobility program will benefit you 
  • You spend a lot of time sitting at a desk (all day, everyday…) – our bodies are not designed to sit all day, hunched over a computer. Stagnant posture can be a key contributor to many common concerns – headaches, shoulder trouble, back pain, eye strain and more.
  • You need to prioritise your mental health  – exercise is medicine not only for the body, but the mind as well
  • You’re looking at the prospect of surgery. Pre-surgical rehabilitation is especially beneficial for those requiring joint surgeries, but can benefit any kind of surgical outcome and result in faster recovery time
  • You battle with chronic pain – long term pain is hard for anyone to deal with day to day. It’s often limiting and can feel like your pain rules you …. don’t let that be the case!
  • You’ve just had a baby or are pregnant and want to exercise safely – having babies changes your body…and also the way you move. An AEP can help guide you through and back to safe and effective exercise.
  • High intensity work-out lovers – when you take part in high level exercise the most effective way to reduce injury risk is to make sure your technique is correct and you’re recruiting the right muscles at the right time
  • Anyone! Yep – an AEP can help you to maintain (and hopefully improve!) what you already have now and for the rest of your life

Our AEP’s are not only fantastic when it comes to movement and making exercise work for you, they also have a wealth of other health related knowledge.

Including nutrition, the psychology of exercise and movement, creating positive habits, rituals and routines to facilitate a very holistic approach to positive lifestyle change.