Exercise Physiology is definitely not just for the injured, those with reduced physical capacity or the management of chronic conditions.

Everybody (and every body!) can use some maintenance. Think about it…. your body is your number ONE tool for life. Therefore it makes sense that it should get a bit of love, maintenance and sprucing up so that it can function optimally everyday.

Maybe you relate to one (or more) of the following? Expert guidance from an AEP could be perfect for you

  • Those in physically demanding jobs – your body is your tool, it makes sense that it may need maintenance
  • Those is sedentary jobs – our bodies are not designed to sit all day, hunched over a computer
  • Mental health concerns – exercise is medicine not only for the body, but the mind as well
  • Pre-surgical rehabilitation – this is especially beneficial for those requiring joint surgeries, but can benefit any kind of surgical outcome and recovery time
  • Chronic pain – back pain is so common these days, often limiting what you do day to day…. don’t let it rule your life!
  • New mothers – having babies changes your body…and also the way you move. An AEP can help guide you back to safe and effective exercise.
  • Crossfit (yep…I went there) & high intensity work-out lovers – when you take part int high level exercise the most effective way to reduce injury risk is to make sure your technique is correct and you’re recruiting the right muscles at the right time
  • Anyone! Yep – an AEP can help you to maintain (and hopefully improve!) what you already have now and for the rest of your life

Erin is not only a whiz when it comes to movement and making exercise work for you, she has a wealth of other health related knowledge. With a keen interest in nutrition, gut health, the psychology of exercise and movement, she can support you in creating positive habits, rituals and routines to facilitate a very holistic approach to positive lifestyle change.

I N I T I A L  A S S E S S M E N T (60 minutes)

Our first session is all about getting to know each other …. I know how romantic! I want to know about you, I want to understand what is hard for you day to day, what you are frustrated with, what increases your discomfort, and what is stopping you from feeling at your very best.

I will also look at how you move by performing very simple tests (that are always within your capabilities) so I can get an understanding of what is working and why something perhaps isn’t.

Based on the information I obtain from our first consult I develop a highly personalized program that is focused on your goals, your lifestyle and most importantly where you are currently at. This program is available to you via Physitrack (phone or computer app) that allows you to feel confident in performing your exercises correctly and safely.


F O L L O W – U P   C O N S U L T S 

Now it’s all about team work! Yep – I will be here championing you, educating you and supporting you through our one on one sessions. I will teach you how to move, to listen to your body and become more aware of your movements day to day.

Your job is to put this in to practice when you walk out the door. This is a lifestyle change remember, if you want lasting results and significant improvements then you must embrace movement outside of our sessions. Yes exercise is important, however my focus is always on MOVEMENT and encouraging you to do more of it!

20 M I N U T E   F O L L O W-U P

These short and to the point follow-ups are great if we are working on something very specific, or you’re really wanting to develop strong understanding and habits with your exercise program. 20-minute follow-ups are best for within a week of your initial consult, and either twice or once weekly to get you up and running. This is where we can spend very focus time of muscle re-training, and getting your technique top notch!

40 M I N U T E   F O L L O W-U P

These sessions can be utalised as a 1:1 training session, a program review or progression. They are also fantastic for fortnightly follow-ups to keep your program progressing and ensure you’re performing exercises correctly. The most popular option as it allows enough time for a review of your program, exercise progression plus a few extra challenges from me!

60 M I N U T E   F O L L O W-U P

This extended follow-up is ideal if you haven’t been in for a while, require a comprehensive program review and update or, if you have some very specific goals you would like to work on with me in a 1:1 fashion.


For example I can tailor a 60 minute session to suit what you want – I have a client I see weekly for 60-minutes and within that session we are working on general mobility and muscle recruitment. Then we move into 30-40 minutes of strength and conditioning in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) type work-out. Finally we finish with balance and proprioception and flexibility. Proof you can fit a lot into 60-minutes – and, the results are fantastic!


All 1:1 session can be claimed on Private Health.