Have you been wondering what happens between having your baby, and then heading back to your usual fitness classes or gym…?
Are you worried about how your body will actually go with this? Are you capable of what your were doing pre-baby?
Not to mention finding care for bubs, to fit in a class or gym workout

Introducing Movement For Mums

I welcome New Mums to join this small, supportive and educational class as they begin to return to regular exercise. Learn to safely and correctly perform exercises which will help to strengthen your core and pelvic stability, build general overall strength, improve posture and ease aches and pains.

We will also look at cardio and mobility techniques that will help you feel energetic, strong and flexible  – incredibly important as you navigate life with a little one.

As an accredited exercise physiologist I have a deep understanding of how the body responds and adapts to exercise – importantly how this must be considered when prescribing exercise for new mothers. Plus, lets make it fun, incorporate bubs and adapt exercises to suit YOU.

What will sessions include?

  • Learn the EP.EP. Functional Foundations – the most vital (yet so simple) steps to being functional, strong and fit
  • Understand core and pelvic strength and stability, and how this relates to movement. Re-build these important muscles ready for the demands of chasing a toddler! (or getting back into fitness classes/the gym)
  • A combination of mat and body weight exercises, utalising bubs in exercises, simple and effective strengthening using minimal equipment
  • Simple flexibility and mobility techniques that will help ease stiffness and any aches.
  • Small groups mean you get optimum guidance with correct techniques to ensure safety at all times



Please call Erin (o438 876 796) or Clarity ((08) 8239 0575) to arrange your Initial Consultation