What is Pilates?

Developed by German-born Joseph Pilates during the early part of the 20th century, the Pilates method of total body conditioning is a holistic approach to health, with the ultimate goal of complete coordination of body, mind + spirit. Pilates uses a system of stretching + strengthening exercises designed to lengthen the spine, correct muscular imbalances + establish efficient movement patterns which then carry over into everyday life. Each exercise initiates from the centre – our ‘core’ – + flows outward to the extremities. Emphasis is on precise movement, on performing each exercise with proper technique + control, + on using breath to guide the movement.

Joseph Pilates referred to his method as ‘the complete coordination of mind, body + spirit’. It’s not just about ‘going for the burn,’ it’s about how you feel on all levels; physically, mentally + beyond. It is a dialogue – a connection – between all aspects of self. You can tell what is working, what isn’t, imbalances in the body, mental blocks, emotional pulls… Pilates offers the willing student precious moments of self-reflection + an opportunity for self-improvement. The exercises don’t necessarily become easier; as you progress you delve deeper into the nuances of each + learn how they relate to, + build upon, each other. Pilates is a continual process of refinement.

How Pilates Can Help You Pilates aims to bring the body back to balance; we strengthen what is weak + lengthen + release what is tight. We teach you to move better, with efficiency, elegance, good form + alignment. Pilates is an effective way to build functional core + overall strength, stability + endurance; it can help to improve balance + coordination (important for fall + injury prevention), it can get your heart pumping (hello cardio!) + teach you how to connect breath, mind + body to re-calibrate your nervous system + promote a sense of calm + wellbeing.

What You Will Learn: – The Pilates Principles

  • Core activation
  • Proper body alignment
  • The importance of breath + how to use breath to enhance movement
  • How to use small apparatus
  • Functional movement 

What You Will Gain: – Core + overall body strength

  • Improved joint mobility + stability
  • Balance + coordination 
  • Elegance + efficiency of movement
  • Body awareness + confidence

Current Schedule:

Monday 8.00AM | Wednesday 7.30AM | Saturday 8.30AM • 50 MINUTES

This is whole-body class. We work from top to toe – or, more accurately – from the centre out, moving through a series of stretching + strengthening exercises designed to build strong + supple bodies.
We start with foundational movements + build on layers of challenge, allowing each student to work at his/ her own level. We take time to connect mind-body-breath + invite students to feel + explore the subtleties of each exercise. 

Sometimes it’s just us + our mat. At other times we use small apparatus (resistance bands, discs, foam rollers, inflatable balls, light weights, Pilates rings, etc.) either to assist or challenge our bodies in different planes of movement. Students will leave feeling strong, centred + ready to move through their day with poise, ease + confidence!

Suitable for: group sessions are open level. Students of all abilities + experience, from all walks of life, are welcome. Those with acute injuries or chronic conditions or who are pregnant (second trimester onwards)/ post-natal are best suited to classes under clinical supervision.

First Time?

Here are some tips + FAQs to ensure you are comfy + prepared before class. If you have any other queries or concerns, please feel free to give us a bell on 8239 0575 or email hello@solespacepilatesmovement.com.au

WHEN TO ARRIVE Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time to fill out an intake form, orientate yourself in the space, choose a mat + get settled. 

WHAT TO BRING All equipment is provided. Feel free to bring a water bottle, otherwise filtered water is available in reception.

WHAT TO WEAR Please wear comfy clothes that you can move in. Socks are recommended so that your footies stay warm – but uninhibited – during your session. The latest activewear definitely not required; we hold a safe + welcoming space in which your can explore movement + feel comfortable + confident in your own skin!

PARKING The best place for parking is the free 3-Hour Carpark on Dunn St, approximately 50m down Melbourne St on the left-hand side if travelling towards the city. You can also find street parking (usually 1-3hr limit) on Melbourne St or adjacent streets: Sussex, Stanley or Jerningham.

INJURIES + MEDICAL CONCERNS Please note this is group fitness. Classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level students with no acute injuries or chronic conditions best managed under clinical supervision. Exercise modifications are given so that you can work at your level of challenge, however a prerequisite of attending class is that you are able to get down onto the mat. If you have any doubts or concerns about your physical health, check in with your GP. You can also drop us a line at hello@solspacepilates.com.au with any specific queries.

LATE NOTICE POLICY To prevent last minute changes, we send you a booking reminder email 48hrs before and a reminder SMS 24hrs before your class. In the event that you cannot attend your confirmed class, please contact us as soon as possible: (p) 8239 0575 (Clarity) or (e) hello@solspacepilates.com.au

Please note, as agreed at the time of booking; we have a strict 24-hour late notice policy + applicable fee for any amendments made within 24-hours of your class. Failure to arrive for a class you are booked in for – or cancellation on the day – will mean you will forego a class on your class pass, or be required to pay the $20 casual class fee (if you do not have a pass).

We offer small class sizes for a comfortable, personalised class experience + our classes are often fully booked in advance; if you fail to arrive or offer late notice of your cancellation, someone on wait-list misses a spot on the mat, + your teacher misses out on their income.