PILATES ….  lead by our Exercise Physiologist Kara, these classes will have you feeling strong and long from head to toe. This class is great for Beginners or those new to Mat Pilates!

*This class is general in nature and may not be suitable if you have any chronic health or injury concerns.

This class is great if…

  • You are wanting a gentle and holistic approach to creating foundational strength.
  • You want a whole body exercise option for improving your posture and postural awareness
  • You desire a lower impact way to build strength
  • You want to create a strong body, develop your deep abdominal awareness and learn how to breathe!
  • You want to feel strong, while also maintaining flexibility through functional ranges of movement

What are the main goals of this class?

  • Achieve a low impact whole body strength
  • Show you the variety of exercises you can do at home both with and without equipment
  • Teach you about your “core” and help manage any lower back niggles
  • Build core strength, improve your posture and look amazing
  • Get your glutes working, your arms strong and your fitness soaring

The ‘nitty-gritty’…

  • Classes are 45 minutes long & run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • A Pre-class Screening Assessment may be required prior to attending these classes, in particular if you currently have any health or injury concerns – chat to our team to learn more.
  • $23 per class OR Class Passes available
  • Please note these classes are general in nature and therefore not eligible for private health claiming
  • Bookings are essential we have a max of 8 per class