At EP.EP. we greatly value time, both yours and ours. Therefore a strict Late Notice Policy is adhered to. The policy states that should you need to change or cancel your appointment/class we ask that a minimum of 24-hours notice be given to the EP. EP. Movement Studio.

In the event of arriving late to your appointment the original and agreed to start and finish time of your scheduled appointment will remain the same. Full fees for the booked appointment will apply. If an appointment is cancelled due to late arrival our late notice policy applies.

For one-on-one Exercise Physiology Sessions

Payment of 50% of the appointment fee applies if an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24-hours notice, or in the event of a no-show.

Third party payers will be invoiced at full rate of appointment booking in the event of late cancelation or no-show.

For ALL classes

Failure to arrive for a class you are booked in for, cancellation on the day or less than 24-hours notice of non-attendance – will mean you forego a class on your class pass, or be required to pay the casual class fee (if you do not have a pass).

In the event that you cannot attend your confirmed appointment or class, please contact us as soon as possible:

(p) 08 7123 2488

To help minimise cancellations and no-shows a reminder email and text are sent out prior to your appointment. Emails are sent 2 days prior to your appointment and an SMS the day before. 

Why is this necessary? 

The EP Movement Studio is a South Australian business offering a very unique, essential and personalised service. At the end of the day bills still need to be paid in order to allow our incredibly talented Exercise Physiologists to provide high quality movement solutions and services to our clients (you!).

Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated! 


We require a 50% deposit to secure your initial appointment (this includes pre-class screenings) at the EP. EP. Exercise Physiology Studio. The deposit will be applied to the cost of the session. In the event that your health fund covers the full cost or near full cost of the session the deposit will be applied as credit to your account (and may be used for upcoming sessions or classes) or refunded to you. 

If you are booking your new client initial appointment online, payment of the full appointment fee is required to complete your booking (for all services). An invoice will be emailed to you following your session to allow you to claim with your private health fund. Any medicare rebates will be processed at the completion of your appointment.  


We do not provide refunds, transfers or pass extensions due to change of mind, user error, change of address, unsuitability or any other reason.

Class passes are to be utilised within the expiry time frame associated for each pack. In the event of illness, injury, surgery or birth passes are eligible to be paused until you are able to return to your usual exercise. We may request medical confirmation (from your GP or specialist) for the reason(s) associated with pausing your pass.

6 class pass (8 weeks)

12 class pass (16 weeks)

24 class pass (6 months)


Gift vouchers purchased from the EP. EP. Exercise Physiology + Movement Studio are to be used for the service description on the voucher, or specified dollar amount. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Vouchers cannot be transferred. 


As health practitioners we have a duty of care to our clients to ensure they are safe while exercising in The Studio. Practitioners make recommendations fro client safety based on clinical reasoning and judgement, we ask that these recommendations are respected and taken into consideration. The Studio reserves the right to request a client to leave the premises if they fail to do so. 

Osteoporosis, ONERO and attending classes 

Client safety is of utmost importance to the EP. EP. Exercise Physiology Studio. We cannot provide clients with the ONERO programme to complete offsite without supervision. Should a client choose to do so it is at their own risk and responsibility.

Our practitioners will provide guidance on the safest and most suitable way for you to progress into classes. We require your most recent Bone Density Scan prior to you attending classes (ideally we should have this in your pre-class assessment session). Please speak with our team directly for more information on pathways into classes.