So what happens when you come to EP.EP?

Our first session is all about getting to know each other …. I know how romantic! I want to know about you, I want to understand what is hard for you day to day, what you are frustrated with, what increases your discomfort, and what is stopping you from feeling at your very best.

I will also look at how you move by performing very simple tests (that are always within your capabilities) so I can get an understanding of what is working and why something perhaps isn’t.

Initial assessments take 1 hour. Everyone must have an initial assessment prior to continuing on with AEP care.

Based on the information I obtain from our first consult I develop a highly personalized program that is focused on your goals, your lifestyle and most importantly where you are currently at.

Follow up sessions are either 40 minutes or 60 minutes (depending on your preferences). I generally recommend between 3 to 8 one-on-one sessions, depends on where you are starting from and what your goals are. I have a very strong focus on teaching you correct technique and skills that will allow you to continue independently.

Now it’s all about team work! Yep – I will be here championing you, educating you and supporting you through our one on one sessions. I will teach you how to move, to listen to your body and become more aware of your movements day to day.

Your job is to put this in to practice when you walk out the door. This is a lifestyle change remember, if you want lasting results and significant improvements then you must embrace movement outside of our sessions. Yes exercise is important, however my focus is always on MOVEMENT and encouraging you to do more of it!

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