Have you ever uttered the statement… “Oh I wish I could run…I’d love to be able to do a 5km fun run”. Or watched runners on a Saturday morning, thinking to yourself that would be so cool if I could do that too, how awesome would I feel? Perhaps you’ve just always felt that gentle pull to get into running…. it’s a great form of exercise, it’s mostly free to do, you can do it anywhere, you get fresh air and sunshine, plus of course the health benefits both physically and mentally/emotionally. You love the idea of the doing a weekly parkrun or doing a City2Bay, perhaps even one day a marathon…

Fitness for 5K 8-week program


Who is this program for

  • Beginners, those who are very new to running or haven’t ever really followed a dedicated program, and those that haven’t ever run before.
  • Anyone who has been out of their usual running regime due to an injury, illness or otherwise. You need support and guidance to gradually build back up to what you may have previously been doing.
  • Dabblers…. those of you who run every now and again, would love to be more dedicated and be able to build you distance up safely over time.
  • The injury prone. Yep, running can certainly open you up to injuries. However, when a program is implemented correctly, progressed safely and includes solid strength conditioning, recovery and prehab plans + guidance you can rest assured.


What does the program include 

  • 1 x 45 minute strength & conditioning session per week. Focusing on building foundations for good running mechanics. Core & pelvic strength, glute activation, dynamic exercises, global strength and functional movements.
  • 1 x 45 minute cardio session. Outdoor sessions that include a gradual, interval approach to building your fitness and tolerance for jogging. I’m doing these sessions with you! I’ll be guiding you on how to feel good while running, posture for running, how to breathe (sounds like a no brainier…but it can be incredibly challenging for newbies) plus info on pace and intensity.
  • Access to a private Facebook group dedicated to running. This group is all about support, guidance and motivation. Within this group there will also be passionate runners with some “been-there-done-that” experience…a bit of a brains trust if you will.
  • Progressive home running program for the full 8 weeks – which includes guidance on how to structure your week with different exercise activities, to avoid over training & fatigue.
  • Progressive home strength workout plan, including access to Physitrack (interactive exercise prescription app) so you can feel confident with your execution of all exercises.
  • Stretching & recovery guide to keep you mobile, flexible, injury free and feelin’ fine.
  • Exclusive discounts to local businesses that will help support your body to be at it’s absolute best.
  • Your own personal cheerleader (ME!) I am here to motivate you, support you, feel your frustrations, give expert advice and high five you. I bloody love seeing you reach and smash your goals, it is honestly one of the most magical things.
  • Plus bonus info sessions in the FB Group – nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, run ideas and pop up runs.

The nitty-gritty

  • Starts OCTOBER 22nd (get on top of a fantastic exercise routine before the silly season!)
  • Location Strength + Conditioning session: Clarity Massage & Wellness, Melbourne St North Adelaide
  • Location Cardio session:Outdoor – Adelaide/North Adelaide area
  • Important – both spots we kick off running sessions from are very close proximity to exceptional cafes for post run coffees 🙂
  • $248 up front payment OR $36 per week (EFTPOS or bank transfer available)
  • Spaces are limited – Please fill in your detail via the SIGN UP below & I will be in touch as soon as possible