Hi there and welcome to the EP Exercise Physiology + Movement Studio!

We are a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are very passionate about movement, exercise and positive lifestyle habits. We help our clients (you) to incorporate that into your life and create positive, healthful change.

This is why our Movement Studio exists!

The EP Movement Studio is a very unique space. It’s a place for people of ALL ages, backgrounds, body shapes, fitness levels and walks of life to come and MOVE.

We see YOU as the unique individual that you are, we care and we want to provide a safe and supportive space for you to feel uniquely YOU through movement.

Join us for this ongoing self discovery and to move!

Move well, move safely and move more

  • ​Private Exercise Physiology
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Injury Management 
  • Osteoporosis Safe Exercise
  • Strength & Conditioning – for all ages & abilities
  • Pregnancy – Pre & Postnatal Exercise + Rehabilitation

M O V E M E N T   I S   M E D I C I N E