Gestational Diabetes: What, why and how to manage it

The long & short of it We require insulin to lower our blood sugar which increases when we eat food, and to make it available to our muscles, brain, and other tissues so we can function. If our body cannot lower its blood glucose levels adequately we are in a

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Staff of EP Exercise Physiology trains mature women to test their strength and become stronger.

Back Pain

Back pain, whether it’s chronic or acute is absolutely no fun. From utterly devastating (meaning you can’t move), to the annoying niggle that you put up with because it is “just always there”. Exercise Right state that 80% of Aussies will be affected by an episode of back pain at

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EP Exercise Physiology is licensed for the ONERO program for osteoporosis and specializes in safe and effective exercise prescriptions.

Beat the Winter Blues: Exercising in Winter

It’s cold, the weather is unpleasant and it gets dark early – no wonder it’s so challenging to keep on track with regular movement and exercise at this time of year! I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your current exercise routine…perhaps it needs to be adjusted

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