What’s right for you & your baby? Strength Training Vs Prenatal Yoga

Have you ever left a prenatal yoga class feeling underwhelmed, or left the gym wondering whether you should actually be doing a certain exercise or not? It’s totally natural to be extra cautious when you’re pregnant!

What if I told you that exercise throughout your pregnancy, under the guidance of an Exercise Physiologist, was not only safe, but it could also help prepare your body for what is to come. We can teach you how to use your pelvic floor, and breathing techniques to assist you in labour. As well as work on your posture and upper body strength to prepare for when you’re holding and feeding your new baby.

EP Exercise Physiology is one of the few Adelaide studio’s offering tailored and safe pregnancy strength + conditioning classes. We are Accredited Exercise Physiologists, fully trained in the prescription of exercise during pregnancy (and postpartum).

We understand the changes a womans body goes through during pregnancy, the common niggles and health concerns, and we can tailor your exercise every step of the way.

Pregnancy (and postpartum) are a huge achievement for your body and keeping active and strong without any limitations is key. Our Exercise Physiologists help you to do this, plus provide you with plenty of tools to limit/avoid common postpartum complaints (pelvic pain, abdominal separation, incontinence, back pain etc)

Call us today on 7123 2488 to find out how to keep strong, active, mobile and feeling great no matter your stage of pregnancy.