Mat Pilates is a great form of exercise and can be an ideal choice for many – but what is it, why is it so great and, will it suit me…?

Benefits of a regular Mat Pilates routine…

  • Improved range of motion, flexibility and mobility to help you with daily activities within your everyday life – maybe you will be able to scratch your back better, or put on your socks easier!
  • Improved posture and postural awareness to reduce shoulder/neck tension and pain, and maybe even those nasty headaches
  • Improved strength, particularly around the pelvis/glutes/lower back/core, to help you generate great trunk strength to reduce lower back and glute pain (but to improve strength even further, come check out our weight classes – strength bones balance and strong)
  • Improved balance and stability to help with day to day life and reducing you risk of a fall (particularly important as we age!)
  • Improved core control and movement patterns to help with daily tasks and any niggles or pain you may be feeling in those muscles and/or joints – maybe you’ll be able to get up off of the floor or sit up out of bed easier
  • Increased body awareness to learn where your body is moving and where is should be!

This all equals……


Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Kara runs our classes on Thursday mornings at 8am

We welcome those with chronic conditions and injuries – in fact, joining is encouraged! However, we do recommend if you do have health or injury concerns to come in for a Pre-class screening first so we can understand everything about you to make sure the class is suitable for you and your needs. Additionally, this will allow Kara to change any exercises in the class so they are right for you.

Our Mat Pilates classes are small (max 8 people) so Kara can tailor exercises to each individual (if needed), correct and cue technique and check-in with how you’re feeling. Classes are not claimable on private health, but initial assessments are.

At the beginning of every class, Kara will always check in to see how you’re feeling and if you have any new concerns/issues. Such a great way to start your day – Kara can’t wait to have you join her 🙂

If you are keen to join us simply give us a buzz on 08 7123 2488

See you on the mat soon