Amnys gives us an insight into how the phases of the Moon can be used to refine our practice on the mat. Over to Amnys….

We all are effected by natures cycles whether we are aware of it or not, so why not bring our yoga practice to work consciously with them. I create my practice by the moon cycle.  By using the moon phases as a guide to practice by, we can bring a sense of connection to our own ebbs and flows.

Not only a talented Yoga Instructor …. this beautiful picture was penned and painted by Amnys herself.

The new moon is the perfect time for restorative yoga.  We feel slower and more introspective. It is a time for longer supportive holds, seated postures, resting, stillness and slow breathing. The new moon has a similar quality to the dead of winter. A time to let go of what is not serving you in life and to dream of about what you would like to bring into the next phase.

With the waxing moon, we are coming out of the quiet of the new moon energy and in to the world. It is a time to ground down, build strength and stability with standing Asanas, like Virabhadrasana (Warrior) and Trikonasana (Triangle). A time to plant the seeds of what you would like to grow this month. 

Full moon is like peak summer. We are energised and actively growing the intentions of the new moon. A perfect space to challenge ourselves to invigorate the body and mind. We build fire in the body with Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) and work on opening our hearts with back bends. 

After the delightful extroverted energy of the full moon we start to turn inwards with the waning of the moon. We begin to reflect, to become quieter, and finish off projects. Time to harvest the creations of the month.  Forward folds and twist are good to practice at this time.  Folding forward helps to quieten the brain cells. Twists not only help to detoxify the body, but also encourage inward focus, as the moon rolls around for another rest.

Working with the moon phases reminds us that we are part of nature, that life ebbs and flows as we do. When we move with the cycles of life, we can become richer as we are able to meet all the needs of being human.  The more that we honour the cycles of nature, the more we are able to connect with the deeper aspects of ourselves.

You can join Amnys on the mat on Mondays at 9.30am to experience the power of movement with the moon cycle.