Introducing a new and exciting class to the EP Studio – Prenatal small group strength & conditioning.

Pregnancy is such an incredible time for a woman. The body literally turns into a super athlete as it grows another human and prepares for birth. Exercise has been clinically shown to provide a range of benefits for mums to be and bubs. The old (and outdated) guidelines for exercise during pregnancy have been refreshed and….are actually not too dissimilar to that of a normal healthy female. After all, pregnant women are not dying – they’re growing a human!

Why is exercise so important and what can strength training offer in particular…?

  • Management of back pain, including pelvic girdle pain & postural changes as your body changes
  • Management of urinary incontinence (now and future)
  • Control & reduce your risk of Gestational Diabetes
  • Lift your mood & mindset for positive mental health (both during and post birth)
  • Improve stamina (and length/ease) of labour and birth, including recovery post birth
  • Build strength and stamina for life as a mum – lots of lifting & holding!
  • Understand how pregnancy effects your deep abdominal & pelvic floor
  • Feel great, manage fatigue, aches and stiffness and feel strong and capable regardless of how pregnant you might be feeling.
  • Set yourself up for a better recovery post birth – physically and mentally

Of course with anything there are some total contraindications for exercise, and risk involved. Generally speaking the benefits far outweigh the risks, especially if your exercise is properly supervised, guided and modified by a trained professional – an Accredited Exercise Physiologist is that person.

Prenatal strength & conditioning sessions are claimable on private health, classes are small (max of 8 per class) and they are ALWAYS tailored specifically to YOU. Prior to attending classes a pre-class screening (also claimable on private health) is necessary to ensure you are safe to proceed, plus this is an opportunity to get to know you, how your body is feeling and begin to develop your individual program.

When making your pre-screening appointment please let us know how many weeks you are in the booking notes (these classes are safe for any stage of pregnancy).

We look forward to being here every step of the way to make sure you look, feel fabulous and move well throughout pregnancy!

Learn more about our Mumma STRONG classes HERE

PS. Don’t forget to share this with your pregnant friends, sister, girlfriends, wife, aunt or work buddy – let them know this important service is available!