I have been privileged to be the first to launch ONERO here in South Australia. ONERO is an evidence based strength training program endorsed by Osteoporosis Australia. I have been absolutely blown away by the positive response AND the incredible progress already made by participants. 

Osteoporosis (and low bone density) effects nearly 1 in 3 Australians, primarily Women and although it’s not generally a disease you can see, it’s impact can be devastating. However, safe supervised strength training (as part of the ONERO program) is changing lives for Osteoporosis sufferers. 

Not only is this program proven to manage this disease, it is also providing participants with increased energy, stamina, confidence, mental clarity, a sense of achievement and a new found love of lifting weights. Which previously was a completely foreign (and often scary) concept. 

Plus, as I keep mentioning to everyone… you DO NOT have to have bone density concerns to participate in these classes. They are FANTASTIC for anyone wishing to safely strength train under close professional supervision and with modifications for your limitations.

In my (perhaps slightly bias) opinion….. all women should be doing these classes. Strength training is a secret super power for anti-ageing – it keeps the body strong, the mind sharp and the soul grounded.

As of April EP. EP. will be launching MORE classes to accommodate the growing number of participants and to offer more class options to those already attending.

If you (or someone you love) have been diagnosed with low bone density, Osteopenia or Osteoporosis these classes will change your life.

If you (or someone you love) don’t have bone density concerns these classes will change your life.

All Osteoporosis classes and assessments are eligible for Private Health Rebates.

To find out more about classes and your Pre-class assessment PLEASE CLICK HERE

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