Osteoporosis and low bone density is an all too common occurrence for many Australians – women AND men alike. We’ve always found this to be a somewhat confronting ‘disease’ for people as it really does sneak up on sufferers, often with absolutely no signs or symptoms. You’re told you have a disease. Yet, you don’t feel or look sick. In fact you’re usually pretty active, slim and careful with what you eat.

EP.EP. will be South Australia’s first licencee for a clinically proven management strategy for Osteoporosis and low bone density. Previously access to this incredible program required a trip (or trips) to Queensland. Keep reading to learn more about the program.

We have written on Osteoporosis before, in that article we explain a bit more about what Osteoporosis is. Here, we are looking specifically at exercise in relation to bone density. In particular the type of exercise that will facilitate changes to your bone density. If you’d like to check out the other article you can find it HERE.

Most of us know exercise is important for overall health, and for the most part we all understand that exercise is good to do if you have osteoporosis. Your GP will often mention that exercise is a good option, but it doesn’t always go much further than that. You may even be told to avoid certain types of exercise entirely!

The type of exercise plays a crucial role in if it will actually be effective, AND safe. This is often the misunderstood aspect of treatment for Osteoporosis and low bone density.

Exercise must be progressive high intensity resistance training AND supervised by a qualified professional – Like an Exercise Physiologist, who are Degree qualified and learn specifically about this during their University Degree. 

The LIFTMOR study outlines the positive outcomes individuals can gain in bone density when consistently undertaking the right kind of supervised exercise program. 

Exercise is better than drugs at beating osteoporosis fractures and building bone
Sue Dunlevy, National Health Reporter, News Corp Australia Network
September 2, 2017 2:27 p.m.

We are very passionate about how exercise can be utilised to change a persons state of disease, and how they feel overall. In our Strength Bones Balance classes we can work with you to specifically target your Osteoporosis (and any other goals you may have) in a safe and effective way. Technique is paramount as Accredited Exercise Physiologists, we keep our groups small and always supervised. You begin at a level that is suitable for YOU. For optimal results 2 x 45 minute sessions per week are recommended. It’s important to understand that consistency really is the key to achieving success (this is true for anything in life) and seeing positive changes in bone density.

Something that is vitally important to note is that our classes are suitable for anyone – you don’t have to have low bone density or Osteoporosis to be able to participate. In fact this type of training is great for everyone, young, old, male, female; and it is especially empowering for Women.

To learn more about the Strength Bones Balance classes CLICK HERE

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