Some awesome words from the lovely Mandi (on Facebook)- who went from learning to run 5km to now completing triathlons and iron-mans! Thanks Mandi

Erin Parish – I hope it’s OK to post this on here – I guess if not you can delete it, I was going to message to check but I just checked world clock and I know you are definitely in slumber land now!

I don’t normally post selfies on public pages but as I was out running this morning, on this particular stretch of street I was thinking of the #FitnessFor5k upcoming program.

So, why on this particular stretch of street? This is where I used to live (it’s Fort Lauderdale Florida). And this is the exact stretch of street that I ran my 1st EVER non-stop mile (that’s 1.6km to you lot!). Something I NEVER in my life imagined I could do – but more importantly, something that changed my life forever. 

If you think you can’t train for and run a 5k, I can tell you, you definitely can – and to have a program/mentor/trainer/support like Erin Parish Exercise Physiology is going to make it safe, fun and achievable.

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