Do you think about your health + fitness and feel overwhelmed…? Becuse getting to where you want to be seems such a stretch from where you currently are..? Maybe you don’t know where you want to be? Or how you want to feel everyday?

In my experience the “healthy snowball effect” is a powerful thing.

What do I mean…? It’s the shift that occurs when you change just 1 or 2 small things in your day/week. This small, positive upgrade creates a shift in all areas of your life.

Now, I’m literally talking easy, achievable things that you do to give back to YOU. Perhaps it’s sitting in the sunshine to eat lunch, or writing down 1 thing you’re grateful for every evening, having veggie sticks as a snack or maybe it’s going for a 10 minute walk.

These small shifts to better support your health WILL flow into other areas….when you give to YOU, you want to give even more. Next thing you find yourself wanting to walk everyday. Wanting to eat nourishing food everyday. Wanting to think positive thoughts. Wanting to support others. Finding clearer focus on how you want your health + fitness to look and feel.

So, what’s one small thing you can change this week to give back to YOU..?

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