I just wanted to share some thoughts with you….perhaps you’ll find it insightful and motivating, perhaps you’ll find it offensive, perhaps you’ll think I’m bat-shit crazy. Perhaps you’ll wonder what I ate for lunch (leftovers FIY – it was just as delicious second time round, thanks for wondering).

I find both exercise and weight-loss incredibly interesting topics. Especially from a psychological perspective. What motivates people, what doesn’t; what makes people give up and what makes people keep going. What works for me….may not necessarily work for you. There are a few common themes though, and today I wanted to share them with you.

I invite you to ponder the following…

You should NOT HAVE to exercise to maintain your weight.


Exercising WILL allow you to lose excess weight more quickly and efficiently.
It will also boost your mood, perpetuate the “healthy mindset” and help control stress (stress can hinder weight-loss efforts).
It will also help you to maintain your weight in the long run without placing as much emphasis on your diet being “perfect” all the time. It takes the pressure off.

We are all SO individual – which is bloody fantastic (life would be boring otherwise). Which is why I believe when it come to your lifestyle form a health and well-being perspective you need an individual approach. You need to learn to check in with what truly works (and doesn’t work) for you. Which isn’t always easy (Oh hey! That’s what I’m here for and can help guide you with..convenient). It’s a process, much like life its self… up’s and down’s, ebb’s and flow.

What do you think…? Do you agree, disagree? Have the points above got you wondering what on earth I mean? Perhaps you have some insights of your own you’d like to share. Maybe this will change how you tackle weight-loss and exercise from now on – I certainly hope so.

Want to get a friend’s brain juices going? of course you do (high-five!) – why not share this with them. Perhaps you can then ponder it together over a herbal tea, a beer/wine or a walk in the sunshine.

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