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Facilitating functional strength, optimal health and happiness through MOVEMENT

At EP.EP. movement is enjoyable and available to everyone. We believe in functional movement and creating a safe, supportive environment. Our approach is tailored to you every step of the way – this allows you to build confidence in your body, understand how well it can move and get STRONG.

EP Exercise Physiology is a team of accredited exercise physiologists who are passionate about movement.


EP Exercise Physiology is licensed for the ONERO program for osteoporosis and specializes in safe and effective exercise prescriptions.

We are a space that cares

A safe space for the informed, the “gym” weary, first-timer or old-hand.

Staff of EP Exercise Physiology welcomes you to learn how to strength train to manage your health and feel your very best!

Heart-centred, welcoming & inclusive

We become your tribe, your cheerleaders, your friends.

Staff of EP Exercise Physiology trains mature women to test their strength and become stronger.

A holistic approach to movement & exercise

We are here to ensure exercise is not only effective, but also FUN.

Erin from EP Exercise Physiology is excited to train you and help you become stronger.

We champion your growth & potential

Our team facilitate your progress, your health, strength and vitality.



ONERO is a research backed, evidence based programme utilising exercise to manage osteoporosis and low-bone density.

Strength Bones Balance

Helps manage osteoporosis and low bone density with safe and effective exercises following ONERO guidelines.

Strength Bones Balance - low impact

This class includes specific exercise modifications for those with low bone density or complex injuries/health conditions.


STRONG is a functional strength circuit class. Suitable for beginners and intermediates. We offer mixed classes and women-only classes.

Strength testing

Test your strength and discover how much weight you are capable of lifting

Individual exercise physiology

A fully personalised one-to-one experience catering to your unique goals and current level.


The instructors are fantastic with their enthusiasm and professionalism to ensure everyone works to their capabilities. Exercises are adapted to challenge or facilitate recovery from niggles or injuries.

The instructors supervise and encourage in a relaxed and positive manner, My strength, flexibility and general wellbeing has improved considerably. There is such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
I highly recommend EP.

Margaret G

I go twice a week and enjoy the various activities
My bone strength has improved I have gained
muscle and getting good results.

They are all friendly, helpful and professional
Thanks to Emma and Erin
Highly recommend!

Jeanette M

A supportive and inspiring place to grow stronger and see some wonderful results with general well-being and bone density health. Thank you to an enthusiastic team!

Sharon D

One to one individual treatment for your individual needs which are assessed and work on with each visit.
Exceptional Friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff.

EP has helped me maintain my strength and mobility to take on my daily tasks and do things I thought I was no longer able to do.
Thanks Erin

Avril B


Everybody, and every-body is unique!

Join us to learn how to strength train to manage your health and to feel your very best!